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5 Ingredient Dinner – Savory Quinoa Salad

Last week, I introduced the “5 Ingredient Dinner” mini series, and today I’m sharing my second recipe with you. I hope you check back often for more easy and healthy dinner ideas!

Quinoa is pretty new to us but I’ve slowly worked it into my menu planning, and it’s definitely growing on me.

But paired with “normal” ingredients, it doesn’t seem as strange or daunting, right? The texture is unique and by itself, it’s pretty boring, so I brought in things like pancetta to give the dish an extra punch.


Give it a try!

Recipe below:

Savory Quinoa Salad


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Party Prep – DIY Gift Tags & Party Favors

As I’m preparing for Will’s 1st birthday party,  I’ll be sharing some tips, DIY tutorials, and other fun things along the way.

Today, my goal is to make all the gift tags and party favors.

For the gift tags, I decided to trace out these cute crocodiles with the croc cookie cutter I got, as a way to keep my crocodile theme going.

Crocodile Gift Tags


1 piece of scrapbook paper

1 crocodile cookie cutter

pencil & scissors

Crocodile Gift Tags

DIY Gift Tag

I plan to write out different nicknames we have for him :). Simple, right? And it’s cheaper than buying a box of premade tags.

Then I put together some party favors. I purchased some crocodile related party favors from Michael’s and stuffed them in these cute bags I found at Target.

Party Favors


Party favors of your choice

Party favor bags from Target

1 piece of scrapbook paper

A round object to trace out a circle (I used a bottle cap)

Pencil & scissors


DSC_0253 copy DSC_0259 copy DSC_0275 copy



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So this is the other part of my attempt to do an all DIY Christmas.

These are inspired by Anthropologie’s pom stitched stockings. Yes, I said “inspired” because I obviously have a long way to go :). Nope, I didn’t stitch them, and no the pom poms are way smaller, but I like them because it was a fun and creative project.

What projects have you tackled that didn’t turn out exactly like you envisioned, maybe because it was harder than you expected, but ended up being something special?