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5 Ingredient Dinner – Savory Quinoa Salad

Last week, I introduced the “5 Ingredient Dinner” mini series, and today I’m sharing my second recipe with you. I hope you check back often for more easy and healthy dinner ideas!

Quinoa is pretty new to us but I’ve slowly worked it into my menu planning, and it’s definitely growing on me.

But paired with “normal” ingredients, it doesn’t seem as strange or daunting, right? The texture is unique and by itself, it’s pretty boring, so I brought in things like pancetta to give the dish an extra punch.


Give it a try!

Recipe below:

Savory Quinoa Salad




      • Sasha

        Honestly I usually just make it plain, but use it like rice. We top it with anything you would think of putting on rice. I love the texture a lot more though and it is so good for you! My kids love it so much they eat it plain, not topped with anything. 🙂 Another great grain we love is couscous!

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