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Keep it Simple

Sometimes simpler is better, and less is more. In the past several months, I’ve discovered that making delicious and healthy meals doesn’t have to be complicated or involve 20 some expensive and I-may-never-use-it-again herbs and spices. I used to think the very opposite, before I had a baby…

Yes, I’ve made gnocchi from scratch, although that did not take 20 ingredients, but that was also when I got off work at 4pm, took leisure strolls after dinner, and explored all over Oahu on weekends. And I also used to think “what in the world do people do when they stay home with their kids? They must have so much time to just lounge around.” I know, I know… all you moms out there, feel free to laugh…

But I know better now :). Though I don’t completely avoid difficult or time-consuming dishes, I have adjusted my expectations. Becoming a mom has made me loosen up a bit and challenged me to be more realistic about life. Yes, I do let my laundry pile up now, and I don’t always empty the dishwasher before the end of the day, nor do I wear makeup or pretty clothes on most days, but I haven’t neglected my family or slacked off on work assignments.  I love what Emily Henderson said about her outlook on her New Year’s resolutions after Charlie came along. I’m learning the wonderful balance of life.

So, if you understand and also struggle with walking the intricate fine-line between devotion to family/work and keeping a spot-less home, join me on this quest for simplicity. For me, my daily battle is “what am I going to cook for dinner?” I strongly dislike grocery shopping and the pressure of coming up with ideas and cooking meals every day. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love cooking when I have time and no busy baby crawling up the stairs or looking up at me with such charming and earnest eyes and begging me to pick him up and hold him tight all day long.

I’d rather cuddle him longer, listen to him giggle more, take him for walks, and read more fun books to him.

Instead of fighting my perfectionist self to whip up Michelin-star worthy meals each night, I may attempt to do just one fancy meal and several simple yet healthy ones throughout the week. As a start, I’m introducing a mini series called “5 Ingredient Dinner.”

I hope you will come back each week for more simple meal ideas. That will definitely keep me accountable :).

Let’s keep it simple.

Join me?




  1. Sasha

    Oh, i am SO with you on this one!! I love for my kids to eat nutritious meals but the stress involved with all the time and effort usually leaves me giving them yet another sandwich! Looking forward to hearing your plans–you are now held accountable! 🙂

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