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Planning a party

Cannot believe that my little baby is turning 1 next week! So I’ve been busy gathering inspirations and planning a party. If you are new to my blog, you can meet Will here and here.

One of my friends gave Will a book called The House on East 88th Street. You might be familiar with it. I fell in love with charming Lyle the Crocodile the first time I read it, so I decided to throw Will a crocodile 1st birthday party. Now doing a party on the book series would be awesome but he’s too little to really appreciate it, so crocodiles will have to do ;).

I collected ideas and created a little inspiration board.


1. Amazing fruit birthday cake by Not Without SaltThis is just an appealing idea because Will is allergic to dairy. Don’t worry, he will have a dairy-free smash cake.

2. Lyle and the Birthday Party, part of the Lyle series, inspired me to base a birthday party theme on crocodiles.

3. Color palette inspired by Oh Happy Day.

4. Party decor also inspired by Oh Happy Day.

I also created a birthday invitation based on Lyle:


Stay tuned for party photos next week!

Are you planning a party? Where do you draw your inspirations and ideas? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Have a great weekend, everyone!




  1. Liz

    Noah’s 1st birthday party was (of course) Noah’s Ark with a rainbow birthday cake and rainbow smash cake. Asher’s was based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. And Luke’s (poor 3rd child) was a last-minute celebration with a light blue cake and white fondant stars all over. Love the croc design!

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