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A Challenge

Last year, I started out with great aspirations, making resolutions like “I’m going to plan meals each week, and I’m never going to eat out more than so many times a week,” but then…things got busy…

This year, I hope to do better, but perhaps not to set such high and lofty goals that I know I can’t reach. I need to be realistic, as Jeremiah often reminds me :). My challenge this year: cook at least 5 dinners each week.

So with that, let me share with you what I accomplished this week. I made a menu and a grocery list last week, and I’m happy to report that I managed to make dinner the past 4 nights. Well, I still have the weekend ahead of me, but I think I can make it!

Monday: Grilled chicken on pita bread, with tzatziki sauce and cucumber salad. Inspired by Alexandra’s Kitchen’s Chicken Souvlaki

Tuesday: Honey Soy Drumsticks, again, another Alexandra’s Kitchen recipe, with risotto, and green beans

Wednesday: Salmon (marinated with soy sauce & sesame oil, and baked in the oven), sauteed potatoes, and green beans (the perils of getting a Costco sized bag of green beans…eating it all week before it goes bad!)

Thursday: Bacon, smoked gouda, cucumbers and avocado sandwich, inspired by Drizzle & Dip

Friday/Saturday: I plan to leave Fridays and Saturdays flexible since we usually like to eat out once on weekends (some place healthy, of course :). So, if we eat out tonight, then I plan to make a veggie pizza for Saturday.

Sunday: I plan to make Gnocchi, Sausage & Spinach soup, recipe here

I hope to share my successes and failures with you each week as a way to keep me accountable! With that, I also hope to highlight a dish each week.

This week, my favorite is by far the honey soy drumsticks. Please check out Alexandra’s Kitchen’s website for some stunning, mouth-watering photos.

Have you noticed that recipes don’t always turn out the way they promise to taste or look on cookbooks/blogs/Pinterest? I feel like I’m always tweaking stuff, but this recipe from AK is perfectly spot on. What I pulled out of my oven looked just like hers, and it tasted amazing. It’s also super simple, so I hope you give it a try!

Anyone else struggle with menu planning, grocery shopping, and cooking dinners each week? Hope this inspires you to cook at home more!


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