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Last Hurrah of 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!

The end and beginning of the year are probably the busiest times for our family. We celebrate a lot of things. Of course, Christmas, but my birthday is a few days after Christmas, and our anniversary is in the beginning of January. So as if we didn’t have enough to do, we decided to start a family tradition: spend Christmas Eve in New York City!

Yes, it’s crazy, but we were there last year celebrating my birthday– at the time I was expecting Will– we talked about how cool it would be to bring him back every year, and see the Rockefeller tree. That was our naïveté speaking… Since becoming parents, we have learned that you simply cannot just go wherever you wish, whenever you wish ;).

Well, the thought kept coming back to us, and we debated back and forth and finally decided to just “not decide anything” and just see how things turn out–that’s usually a better strategy if we want to do anything with Will. So, on the morning of December 31st, we took our time, made breakfast, and had our play time with Will. While we were going about with our normal routine, we would say to each other “so what do you think?” “Should we go?!” “Take a risk?” “What if he gets upset when we get there!” And we kept saying things like “the wise thing to do is to just stay home and let him sleep in his own crib.”

But, neither of us wanted to miss the opportunity and ruin a potentially great tradition, so off we went.

We timed it so we would hit the road when Will needs to go down for his first nap, and spend 3 hours in the city–which isn’t very much time–and come home when he’s ready for his second nap. We are about 2 hours away from the City, so it should be perfect for his naps. Well, we hoped anyway.

Jeremiah found a coupon for a parking garage a block and half from the Rockefeller center. It was the perfect location and for $25 for 6 hours in the City, it’s a steal. It’s called Icon Parking if anyone is interested ;).

We only had time to eat a quick lunch at Pret a Manger , snap a few photos in front of The Tree, walk around Anthropologie, grab Starbucks and maneuver our way back to the garage, but we made memories… like getting stuck and waiting for the police to open up a way for us to get out while hundreds of pedestrians stare at us and wonder why we, along with several other cars, had the power to pass through the blocked street (lesson of the day: streets close before 3pm on New Year’s Eve), and watching snow fall as we drove through Central Park on our way out.

Tradition accomplished, and great memories made.

Here are a few pics I snapped with my phone. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of these.








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