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A DIY Christmas

Ok, so I was ambitious and wanted to decorate for Christmas this year with everything DIY… Well, the problem is, I have a 6 month old who loves to have all my attention :).

Even though I didn’t get to many DIY projects, like making a wreath for the mantel, I did manage to decorate the tree. I made the ornaments and finished it off with some yarn.

I made a lot of pom poms and a few yarn wrapped balls (just wrap yarn around a styrofoam ball or if you don’t want to buy any, like me, just make a “ball” out of paper towels). I also made these glass ornaments with feathers. Michael’s had craft glass balls on sale for half off, so I got 3 packages, and I picked up a bag of craft white feathers, and stuffed 2-3 in each glass ball.


As I was researching for DIY pom poms tutorials, most of them required a pom pom maker. I’ve heard that they are more trouble than just wrapping the yarn around your fingers, so I went with the free option.

After some trial and error, I figured out a good way to make them.

Below is a simple tutorial:





The key is in trimming the pom poms. Be patient :).




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