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February 14th…

…is coming upon us! I’d love to hear what your Valentine’s Day tradition is!
Last year… I think it was last year… my husband surprised me with a week long celebration, so I received something everyday until Valentine’s Day.

Well, of course, I know it’s not about gifts. I hope this is not the only time that you remember to show extraordinary love to your special person. It should be practiced every day, and Valentine’s Day is just an extra opportunity.

I’m so thankful that my husband shows me love and kindness on a daily basis, in small and big ways. In this new year, I want to do better at that, and remember to cherish every day we have together.

Now onto something less serious πŸ™‚ …Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day, like you do for Thanksgiving and Christmas? I haven’t in the past, but I just pinned a fun wreath idea here, and that just might inspire me to do more:


It’s so cute and simple, so I might give it a try. Honestly, how many things have you pinned on Pinterest and have actually tested Β it out yourself? I know I have tried several recipes (specifically crockpot recipes) that failed miserably, and turned out nothing like it looked in the picture. But I think this wreath is pretty simple and hard to mess up.

As for gifts, I fell in love with this adorable card when I saw it on Etsy. And yes, if you were wondering, there is a “girl to guy” version in the shop. If I don’t get it for Valentine’s Day, I will definitely keep it in mind for another occasion.


If I still had a mantel like our old place, I would make or buy a garland, something like this:

Who says Valentine’s Day is limited to pink and red?


Oh, I also love this idea. It’s rather romantic:


Feel free to share with me what you are doing for Valentine’s Day in the comments section! I’d love to get inspired!



  1. super cute ideas!! I love trying food from pinterest – some recipes have failed, but lots have been tasty!! Love all the ideas here – I’m working on my first VDay wreath right now, so hopefully it will turn out to be somewhat door-worthy. πŸ˜‰

  2. You’ve inspired me! I’m going to do something special in the trailer for my love. What a sweet tribute to Jeremiah. He’s a good man, and we love him, too.

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