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Recap, Part 2

We basically spent a lot of time trying out new restaurants in NYC. Who doesn’t love good food?!

We took a day (my birthday) to explore Williamsburg, which is becoming a rather popular location for new restaurants and condominiums, since it’s cheaper than living in the city. We had brunch at a gastropub called Allswell, and it was delicious. I loved everything about the place, from the way they let you know your table is ready (a text), to the atmosphere and unique wallpapers, and of course, the food – they paid attention to detail.

On New Year’s Eve, we spent some time in Chelsea and Greenwich, and had lunch at a Michelin Bib Gourmand, August. It was ok… But I thought the decor and building itself were more exciting than the food. Nothing special enough that I would have bestowed a Michelin title, but then again, I’m not a professional food inspector ;).

There were a lot of fun stores to explore, and if it wasn’t that cold, I would have walked farther and visited more shops.

No, we did not get in line to see the ball drop… Had a flight to catch the next day! I was ready to have the warmth back.

I would definitely like to visit NYC again, but maybe next time, we can go in the Fall, when the weather is more pleasant and more conducive for walking.


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