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New Experiences

I found my favorite restaurant on the island when my coworker took me to this amazing Japanese restaurant after we attended a conference, and ever since then, I’ve been wanting to introduce it to my husband. So, we finally went there last night, and he loved it.

Let me introduce you to the ICHIRIKI Japanese Nabe Restaurant. It’s a Japanese style hot pot; similar to fondue, but instead of cheese, it uses liquid broth.

There are several different kinds of main dishes you can choose.

1. Signature Nabe 2. Shabu Shabu 3. Sukiyaki

We chose the signature nabe, which gives you 5 broth choices — Ichiriki (shoyu base), Pirikara (spicy shoyu base), Shio (salt base), Shio Pirikara (spicy salt base), Ginger. My husband had the Ichiriki, and I had the Pirikara. In one of the pics below, you can see that the pot is divided in half, so diners can have different options. Also, since I’m allergic to shrimp, it was a great solution for us to share a pot but still have our own “spaces.”

With the signature nabe, we chose to have beef as the main meat dish. Everything comes with a plate of vegetables, tofu, seafood, sausages and a stick of seasoned meatballs (pic below). Since we were there for dinner, the choices of ramen, udon, or rice were also included, so we finished our meal with ramen.

The other 2 choices, Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki are pretty different. Shabu Shabu is just boiled water, so instead of cooking your food in a seasoned broth, you just cook it in water, but they do have dipping sauces. Sukiyaki is more like a stir fry.

I love this style of dining because it’s slow and fun, fancy, but filling. And the atmosphere is amazing :). Makes me feel like I’m in Japan!

The three pics below are from the resturant’s website, which you can check out by clicking on the resturant’s name above.

And, these 3 are mine:





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