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Week 3 Etsy Finds

This week, it’s all about OWLS! My inspiration? This cute World Market owl candle holder I convinced my husband to buy. It made it all the way across the country, and flew across the Pacific Ocean with our move to Hawaii :).


I love it because it’s compact; it’s symmetrical; it’s useful and aesthetically pleasing.

I think I need to find something owl-ish to be his friend, so I turned to Etsy.

This print from Etsy’s OrangeOptimist is amazing.

Now, I want this one (Etsy Beeskers)! I’ve seen someone with a owl necklace before, and I thought I would find one on Etsy! It’s too cute to pass on!

Oh how cute is this little owl blanket from Etsy’s The Posh Pea Boutique?! This would be a perfect baby shower gift.

These animal hats are popping up everywhere, and who could resist them? I love the color palate of this owl pattern from Etsy’s Simply Irresistible Patterns. But if you don’t like the colors, you can just get the pattern and pick your own colors.

I NEED this owl pillow from Etsy’s Bellamina shop. Hmmm…this may have just inspired me to make my own owl pillows :).

Ok, enough owls for today. What are your latest obsessions?



  1. Hi! I’m Jeremiah’s friend from camp Lucerne days 🙂 .. just saw this posted on his facebook and wanted to check out your blog! Have you ever searched for owl-ish things on ebay!? I do it all the time and find super cheap ADORABLE owl necklaces, earrings, rings for like $1-something with free shipping! And by the way, I LOVE your new owl candle holder! I’m an owl fanatic myself 🙂

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