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Savoring Your Summer Harvest

You might remember my mention of the basil plant growing wild from this post, and how the Food Network Magazine arrived just in time to solve my dilemma.

Earlier, I had been drying my basil leaves and just storing them in a container, but after I read the Magazine’s tip on what to do with basil, I decided to give it a try –Making Basil Salt! Why didn’t I think of this earlier?!

I just used a handful of basil leaves, just enough to make a sample batch… why waste a bunch if it’s not going to work?

I was hopeful at first, but turned skeptical when I pulled everything out of the blender…it just looked weird and unappetizing, but I slowly regained interest after everything got toasted in the oven :).

Since I live in paradise and have perfect weather, I get to have fresh basil all year round, but for the rest of the world, if you are looking for a new way to preserve your herbs and prolonging your summer, try making some basil salt! Recipe here.

This week, I used my homemade basil salt on pasta dishes, and used it to season my signature guacamole dip. I will share that recipe at another time :).

Take a look!





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  1. Susannah

    Daniel has been talking about making this. Glad to know it turns out well!

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