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Week 2 Etsy Finds

This week, I’m doing a shout out to HAWAII!!!! As I was searching for big prints for inspirations for my living room, I started browsing through Etsy for “Hawaii” art.

I came across several beautiful signature location prints. Take a look!

Where do you live? Have you thought about showcasing your special location in your own home?

This one from loosepetals would be perfect in a nursery or kid’s room. It’s whimsical and captures the most well known landmarks on Oahu.

I love this triptych from SkycandleDesigns! It’s elegant and it will be a great statement piece.

Etsy SkycandleDesigns art

But, I scored gold when I came across these awesome retro prints by local artist Nick Kuchar from Ewa Beach! Check out his Etsy shop EverythingIsJake.

Etsy EverythingisJake print



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