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Day 2 of Staycation

These pictures represent what I did on my 2nd day off, while my husband was exploring a new golf course ;).

My basil plant was growing wild, so I decided to harvest it, and I trimmed the plant way down…it looks rather sad now…

I was going to dry the basil leaves, but my Food Network Magazine just happened to arrive the same day, and there was a great tip for what to do with basil leaves! I will share that tip with you soon in another post.



I spent most of the afternoon with my friend Heidi at Walmart and Lowes picking out vegetable plants. We found these great pepper starters and I also got a cherry tomato plant and some simple clay pots. Heidi gave me the great idea of painting the pots to make them look better. I only had acrylic paint, but it turned out better than I expected!

In this picture, you can see the original clay pot right next to the painted ones. What a difference!

Also, I didn’t paint the inside of the pots because I don’t know how acrylic paint will affect the soil and perhaps even mess up the growth of these plants.




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