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Day 1 of staycation

Cant believe this summer is almost over. We’ve been here for 3 months! Wow, time goes by so fast!
Next week will begin our school’s in-service week, then the school year officially starts a week after that.

We received a surprise 2 days off, so we took the advantage and went to our favorite side of Oahu, the Windward side, specifically Kailua.

Ever since we stumbled upon the local coffee shop, Morning Brew, I’ve been wanting to go back to try their foods; they serve a lot more than just coffee, and it reminds us of this cute coffee shop in Napa Valley, where we stopped in on our honeymoon. Kailua’s stores and restaurants definitely have that Northern California charm.





After our scrumptious brunch, we headed to the beautiful Waimanalo Bay. It’s wide open, soft sand, not crowded (read that it’s more of a local side of the island, so very few tourists come out this way), and there are lots of waves for my adventure loving husband ;).




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