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The Paradise

… Is it? Is it worth it? In the most recent issue of the Honolulu Magazine, they featured an enlightening article: Is Hawaii Worth It? 2 out of 4 families/people they interviewed found that it wasn’t worth it, and are pursuing other adventures.

I think the most priceless parts are the natural beauty of the island and the amazing breeze from the trade wind, but the rest are not exceptional to here. The tourism industry, the high end shopping districts, the varieties of restaurants, and the entertainment are all elements we find in other bigger cities. Oh did I mention the regular traffic jams around downtown Honolulu?

Don’t misunderstand, it is truly a privilege to live here, but this is my honest confession: an ordinary day in Hawaii isn’t remarkably different from the one you experience wherever you may be.

The paradise is viewed quite differently by those who live here and those who just visit. But nonetheless, allow me to give you a glimpse into what Waikiki tourists experience every day.











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