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I’m finally back

We landed on the beautiful island of Oahu exactly 2 weeks ago. We still feel like visitors, but finding our way around is becoming easier. My first impression is the friendliness of the people, whether it be at the grocery store, the Internet service company, or even the DMV ;). The Aloha spirit is contagious. I find myself rushing around a lot when the locals are just content to meander. Maybe mainlanders just need to slow down!

The weather is perfect; there is always a breeze so you never feel the heat. The ocean is absolutely beautiful; yet, at the same time, you sense its awesome power when the waves come crashing onto the shores. We have an incredibly creative and powerful God!

So far, we’ve explored the famous North Shore and tasted Matsumoto’s yummy, thirst quenching shave ice (it’s not “shaved” but “shave” ice…maybe it’s the local way of saying it ;). And we also got a brief glimpse of Waikiki, but we hope to visit it again this weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I’ll be sharing more about that later! Oh by the way, Honolulu traffic is bad Mon-Fri during business hours. Going into Honolulu doesn’t take long, but starting around 3, traffic starts to back up. We got stuck for over an hour on a Friday afternoon…lesson learned. Hoping for better luck this Saturday πŸ˜‰

At the North Shore: Yes, I know…we look terribly sweaty and tired, but it’s candid πŸ˜‰






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