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Island Bound

The next time I check in, it will most likely be from Honolulu, HI :). I’ll be sure to include pictures!

Just a few more days left to purge, pack, clean and sell… whew, time is slipping away from us as we prepare to move.

If you’ve ever relocated, you understand the stress. I work in a relocation department, and I didn’t believe it when I heard that moving is the most stressful thing in the world! Now I do.

A lot of people have asked us questions about Honolulu, but since we’ve never lived there, we can’t answer most of the questions yet… However, I did find a helpful site that provides a lot of good information for visitors. You should check it out here.

I will definitely share some insider tips as we learn our way around our new home.

Have you been to Hawaii? What was your experience there like? Feel free to comment with any tips!



  1. Sarah Cortes

    Buy souvenirs at the Swap Meet, not in stores! It’s set up outside the Aloha Bowl a couple days a week, but I don’t remember which days exactly! You can also get the most amazing Hershey Kisses with Macademia Nuts. We stocked up on them any time someone in my family went to visit. SOOOOOO good!

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