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Dining in Style

Organic, bold, elegant, ultra modern, or minimalistic? How does the presentation of the food affect your appetite, your entire dining experience?

Photo by Westelm

Photo by Westelm

Photo by Anthropologie

Photo by Westelm

Why do restaurants use white plates? You know, when they are white, I don’t think I notice them, but I focus on just the food at the restaurant. It’s just the norm, and it serves its purpose — showcasing the food. However, when I recall my dining experience at Curate in Asheville, not only do I remember the superb culinary skills of the chef, I also distinctly remember noticing the serving platter, dark grey stone slab with varying edges. It caught my eye because it was unique, but it didn’t distract from the food; it actually enhanced the entire experience.

So there, I made my case for getting an exotic dining set for my upcoming new home.

But, I do agree… as much as I love the bold blue waves, I’m not sure how that would complement every dish. So, no, I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I think I might do a bit of mixing… seems to be the new trend! Something like this, except with other patterns:

Photo by Westelm



  1. i love mixing. i actually have my eye on a crate and barrel dish right now to add into the mix.

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