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Shop Smartly

So, my husband would say that I’m way too persistent, and that I always think I can get a better deal than what’s being advertised. Ok it’s true… I do think that way, but because of my stubbornness confidence, we’ve been able to save quite a bit of money on several occasions :).

For example, I’ve been searching and hunting for a pair of perfectly colored, patterned, and priced turquoise pillows for the living-room. I’m not willing to pay any more than $30 for 2 nice decorative pillows… I know, it’s kinda asking a lot, isn’t it?

But, with persistence, and patience, it paid off!

I found this beautiful pillow on Etsy, and it was perfect in every way, except for the price: a whopping $48.95, per pillow!!!!!!!!!!

I let it go for a while… hoping that it will go on sale. And I was hoping to find it on or somewhere online, but then I read that the shop owner designed them herself, so you can’t buy it from other sites… well, after a little bit more digging, I found that the shop owner actually designed them on SpoonFlower, so you can technically purchase her fabric there, but it’s very very expensive, and it’s just the fabric, not the pillows.

So, I checked back, about 3 weeks or more later, and the pillow was SOLD! 😦

So, I decided to contact the shop owner. It can’t hurt to ask… you never know (my new motto).

To my surprise, the owner replied! Long story short, she had 2 pieces of the chevron turquoise fabric left, but in the printing process, they got a little messed up… Hmmm… I certainly didn’t want to pay money for messed up fabric/pillows, so I asked her for pictures of the “spots.” She sent them right away, and it was barely noticeable. It’s basically where one spot got skipped, so in the turquoise block, there was a white dot, and in another piece, you can see a faint line in the white block. I didn’t have a problem with those at all.

Now…the big question… how much?

I didn’t even have to ask her for a discount. When she sent me the pictures, she offered to sell me 2 pillows for $30!!!! YES! I WANT THEM! 🙂

See, persistence pays off 🙂 I really enjoyed my interactions with the seller. Check out her store here!

I love chevrons, and this pattern just stood out to me! It’s not the normal chevron lines, but it’s got dimension.


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