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Creative Solutions

In July, we moved into a townhouse that has more room than we currently need, so decorating each space has been a challenge for me, but a fun one. I enjoy looking at magazines and watching HGTV to get some design ideas, and right now, my focus is on our bathrooms.

Do you find it difficult to balance functionality and charm? For example, I want to have enough towels in each bathroom, but I also want to find a pretty way to display them; so far, I have accomplished neither. The bathrooms, where the towels would logically be placed, do not have the best layout, so I’ve been searching for ideas for smart placements. Check out these pictures! What do you think?

What are your design challenges?



  1. i say take the doors off of the cabinets and turn all of that into pretty storage….including the towels in a wine rack!

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