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Treading new grounds

I love trying new restaurants. My husband and I went to Asheville, NC back in January for our anniversary, and we discovered two amazing restaurants, Tupelo Honey Cafe and Fig Bistro. While searching for good local restaurants, we also noticed good reviews for Cúrate, a Spanish tapas restaurant. So, this past Saturday, we went there with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law for an early Valentine’s Day celebration. The menu looked foreign –yes, there are English descriptions, but it’s just different–but we managed to order all the right dishes. You see, our brother-in-law is from Spain =).

I loved the whole dining experience! Contrary to common complaints about “never feeling full” when eating tapas, we were all satisfied with the portions and the varieties. We ordered ten dishes…sounds like a lot, but it was perfect for four people because it was all appetizer size or smaller; the added advantage of eating tapas is you never over indulge on a single dish.

One of our favorites is the berenjenas la taberna, fried eggplant drizzled in wild mountain apiaries honey, garnished w/ rosemary. Our waiter told us that this is one of the most popular dishes there!

He taught us how to make them: slice the eggplants into thin slices, and soak them in milk overnight–this is the trick–then lightly dust them with all purpose flour, and just fry them in canola oil. Usually, the eggplants soak up so much oil, you end up drowning them, so it makes sense to let them soak up milk before you fry them, so they don’t become too greasy. I’m definitely going to try this!

Sadly, we didn’t get a picture of the berenjenas la taberna, but here are a few pics from our little fun outing to Cúrate.

If you live near Asheville, I highly recommend making a trip to Cúrate! According to my brother-in-law, this is an authentic Spanish restaurant ;).


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