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Our 1st attempt at DIY

Ok, maybe not the first attempt, but it’s the first major DIY project for me and my husband.

It looked easy enough! But, as we’ve learned from working on house projects, it’s always more than you expect…

When we moved into our rental townhouse last summer, I had great plans to make it “ours” even though we can’t change too much. We were able to paint some rooms, and with time, I know we’ll be able to find just the right piece for each room; but, the outdoor space was lacking some attention, so we planted some shrubs and a Japanese Maple. Something was still missing… our patio was looking very lonely. Then I came across this post about how to recycle pallets.

Brilliant! I can get FREE pallets at work and I’m sure it won’t cost that much to get the other parts! Right? See… I have this bad habit of jumping into projects too quickly, before I do all the research… I have learned since then.

After buying all the supplies, around $70, which was more than what I had in mind (If you have some of the tools and parts, then it wouldn’t be as much. The stain was the most expensive item), we went to work. We stained both pallets, inside and out, up and down, then let them dry over night. The next morning, my husband and our very helpful neighbor put the table together while I was away. But they noticed something… the 2 pallets weren’t exactly the same! Well, the same size, but one was a bit crooked, so everything was just a little bit off. See, I wasn’t patient enough to check everything before we started this project…

Thankfully, we had just enough stain left to finish out the 2 new identical pallets we found near a home construction site. Don’t worry, we didn’t just take them; we asked the workers and they were going to throw them away, so why not recycle them and put them to good use? Another day later, we have a great looking hand-made pallet table.

What projects have you tackled recently?


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